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What is storylike ?
inspiration and motivation!

With storylike we want to help you to write better stories more easily by giving you the power of a community with mutual motivation and inspiration.

  1. Start writing your story with a full featured toolset designed for authors.
  2. When you get stuck, need a little extra help, feedback or inspiration, share your story with friends or open for the community. Other authors can continue where you don't progress, and contribute additional or alternate plot-lines.
  3. Keep control by defining the setting of your story with e.g. characters, places, history, factions... Add notes, pictures, maps or videos to provide context to contributors and your readers.
  4. Finalize your story with the help and inspiration from others and publish it on storylike, export as e-book or print it to hard-cover.
and how does this work?

The core of storylike is that stories are not represented as linear text, but as graphs. As author, you can easily introduce alternative or parallel storylines, join plotlines, without disrupting other authors creativity. Readers can choose how a story continues when there are alternatives, that gives you a whole new opportunities how to tell stories. You can even add alternatives in your own story as a pseudonym to see which of your ideas ignites. Receive valuable feedback from your readers and analye their ratings from the individual courses.

storylike reduces the complexity of collaborative creative work in order that you have more fun and success with your ideas!

Have a look at some stories
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story cover
Kriegszug nach Normont
82.5 hours
Wir, Tassilo, der erste Unseres Namens, durch der Sieben Großen und Herrlichen Götter Gnaden Markgraf des Freien Fürstentums Yddland und seiner Festlandbesitzungen Korjak, Tarnow und Orkenstein-Süd, Ritter zu I... show more
story cover
News Story
313 min
story cover
Hort der Erinnerung
25.8 hours
Ein Rollenspiel, lose basierend auf Dark Ages Fae, welches in einem komplett alternativen Setting stattfindet. Die Spielwelt ist fiktiv, der bislang von uns als Spielern erkundete Bereich hat einen nordischen C... show more
story cover
World of Darkness - Venedig
17.7 hours
Dies ist das Setting und die Module für eine World of Darkness Rollenspiel-Kampagne im mittelalterlichen Venedig. Wir spielen die Kampagne mit "Mage the Ascension" (Magus) bzw. "Sorcerers Crusade" Charakteren, ... show more
story cover
Rollenspiel: "Das fiese Amulett des Gargamels"
113 min
"Das fiese Amulett des Gargamels" ist ein Rollenspiel für Kinder und Jugendliche. Es bietet sich für Ferienfreizeiten, Zeltlager oder Thementage an.Bei diesem Rollenspiel nimmt ein eingeweihter Kreis an Leuten ... show more
story cover
Eine Reise durch Bretonien
118 min
Winter 1218/1219. Die Gräfin von Montfort und ihr Gatte, Baron von Orkenstein sind auf dem Weg nach Montfort in Bretonien.Ein Reisebericht.
story cover
Puzzle of Life
316 min
Willkommen werte Damen und Herren, zu einem Projekt :)Ich möchte eine Geschichte mit allen Schreiben. Ich werde nur im Groben das Setting vorgeben, danach kann jeder Kapitel und Figuren hinzufügen wie er mag ;)... show more
story cover
Einmal Pilot, Immer Pilot - Der Tag des Aufstiegs
115 min
Gin Kohana und Dizato Lee, zwei Jägerpiloten aus Leidenschaft die Ihren Traum verwirklichten und in der berühmten Warwolf Staffel fliegen durften müssen sich nach der Außerdienststellung der Staffel in der hart... show more
story cover
Role of Diagnostic Software in the Vehicle
10 min
In the latest technology, there are very advance automotive industries. To reduce the effort of humans every process of vehicle is made to be computerized and they also help you in reducing the money you spend ... show more
Features and Plans

With a monthly cancelable subscription you remove advertising and unlock additional features:
2.50€ per month*

Read all the public stories and write with those who are open or for which you get an invitation.

Write as many stories as you like and publish them. You decide who is allowed to contribute to your stories.

Full control of your private stories. Control who can read or contribute to your private story.
2 stories

Use public wikis or create your own to define the context of your stories. Text, images, videos and document attachments are supported
1 wikis

Follow other authors and reach your own followers.

Write anonymously or in different roles.
5 pcs

Talk to your co-writer in the integrated chat room or use him for questions and feedback from your readers.

Remove all Advertisements from the website

Export all stories as PDF and common eBook formats and your own to Microsoft Word and OpenDocument.
We are extending storylike and plan to release the following to plans in future
For larger communities, such as fan fiction, forum/chat role-playing games or live action role-playing, the "Community" package provides unlimited community stories and wiki's as well as extended communication, moderation and authorization tools to support managing large communities.
Sell your stories on storylike with paypal integration. Your readers get them free of advertising and can export them as e-pub, pdf or print on-demand. You can give them the option to contribute to your story or even write together. Stay in touch with your readers through advanced communication features and keep track of how your stories are received by your readers with advanced analysis tools.
EARLY Access

storylike is in an early access phase. Feel free to join and use the the platform.

Features may change frequently in this phase and the appearance of storylike may change over time.